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Making Gourmet Burgers

A gourmet burger can be as simple as a greasy bun with melt in the mouth cheese on it. But to truly enjoy a gourmet burger it means having to dig into the ground to get to the tasty ingredients underneath. A typical gourmet burger starts with a nice layer of tomato paste and crisp lettuce on the bottom and then goes up with a layer of crisp golden brown bread crumbs on top. Now imagine having to dig through the ground for that tasty ingredient, all the while keeping your stomach full and satisfied.

One of the simplest differences between a gourmet burger pattie and a conventional one is where exactly youre having it from. A neighborhood place that specializes mainly in burgers will be a better starting point for gourmet burger patties. That being said, however, fancier isn’t always better. If you’re having a burger pattie at your local deli or barbeque, then go with the fancier patties. It’ll almost certainly be more tasty and richer than those at the sandwich bars or chains.

Another thing that can make a difference in the taste of your gourmet burger patties is the bun. There are several types, but perhaps my favorite are the Style favorites. These include the turkey burger bun and the black eyelet burger bun. These both have their very own unique flavors, but what really sets them apart are their sizes. A regular burger bun is quite small, while a style bun is large, with plenty of room.

One of the things that people tend to leave out when they order gourmet burgers is the accompanying cheese. For most patty varieties, this is an optional topping, though some types, such as the turkey burger bun, are well known for their strong flavor. As a result, many restaurants leave this off of their menus. A couple of my favorites include shredded cheddar and Colby-jack cheese. Both of these cheeses can stand alone, or they can be incorporated into the meat of the patties themselves.

The final component of a gourmet burger collection is the choice of sauce. This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s usually a pretty simple affair. The most popular choices include barbecue, Italian sausage, garlic bread, spicy mustard, and ketchup. As you can see, the sauces used on burgers can range from mild to extremely hot. If you’re handy with a bottle opener, these little bottles will give you access to the most amazing varieties available!

The perfect combination of toppings can turn your normal gourmet burger patty into an amazing creation. Just by adding a selection of your favorite flavors, you can transform your old patty into something completely new. There are many toppings to choose from, so you are almost guaranteed to find something that will satisfy your taste buds. Just imagine what it would be like to take a traditional hamburger patty, and then add your own special twist.

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